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Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Foods That Ease Pain And Heal Your Body

Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Foods Heal Your Body

Did you know that that is a link between the food you eat and the state of your health? Many common ailments such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, allergies, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes can be made better or worse by the food you eat? Rather than simply relying on pain medication (and risk the long term side effects) to ...
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Video: How To Start Your Meditation Practice In Less Than 3 Minutes

Meditation for beginners

We all know that Meditation is an excellent tool for learning how to get off the treadmill, relax your mind and be present. In addition to the many mind and emotional benefits such as improved emotional balance, better memory and increased learning ability, the health benefits associated with stress and anxiety like reduced tension, deeper respiration, lower blood pressure and improved circulation are all very well researched ...
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37 Fun and Effective Methods to Melt Your Stress Away

No one  is going to deny that we live in very complicated world. Most of us live very busy lives, juggling work and careers with family responsibilities that keep us on out toes, and financial obligations to maintain. Stress  is unavoidable,  it’s caused by many different things and it can be triggered by a huge variety of situations. Some of the most common sources of stress ...
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Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods! Facinating Video Evidence Shows What Really Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat

Gut Feeling

There’s no getting away from it. What you put into your body defines your potential for lifelong health. If you care about giving your body the nutritional support it needs for total wellness – especially if you are a parent – watch this! It’s an amazing video give you undeniable insight into the consequences of what you choose and shows ...
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Meditation plus Water Element Equals Body Cleansing

I have been searching for different meditation techniques around the internet and I came across the article “Using Water to Clear Your Subtle Body”. This is a type of meditation technique in which water is used to help ground and cleans both our physical and energy bodies. The technique is called “Sahaja Yoga Clearance Technique“, or the Foot Soaking [Water Treatment]. I ...
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