How To Use The Power Of Your Mind To Overcome Life’s Challenges

Life is full of choices, full of crossroads and which ever road and journey we take the one thing we can be sure of is that we will be faced with difference obstacles from time to time.

Most of us have hit the wall or been tripped up more than once and in the words of Martin Luther King Jr:

The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and
convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges<

This video by Patricia Cana P.h.D. talks about emotional and mental challenge we face when confronted with a problem or issue we need to overcome. She brings a healthy dose of sage advice and some powerful intervention techniques that will help you regain balance and get back your sense of humour (always important when you are up against it – wouldn’t you say?


Yes, it’s easy to take a victims role and blame others and even fate itself when unplanned an inconvenient events show up in our life, however it seems to me that trials and tribulations are an extraordinary opportunity and test of how willing and able we are to live up to our dreams.

A wise old soul once asked me if I were willing to take full responsibility for my own choices and outcomes? How much we are willing to plough up and rake over to reveal what weakened me? Was I prepared to do whatever was required to break through? And how would I enrich the soil so my dreams had a healthy place to grow.

So now pass on the favour and I ask the same of you?

And as a last word, whatever challenges you face now or in the future, the way I choose to to see it is that Life, The Universe, Spirit, God, however you choose to name it, is equipping you to be a better, stronger more resilient YOU. One that can achieve more and climb to greater heights than we may envision for ourselves – so give thanks for the opportunity and enjoy the journey.

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