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#GiveMonday Acts Of Random Kindness Spread Across The Globe

#givemonday kindness

Giving feels good and Mondays are blue! #GiveMondays is a community of anonymous givers who thought that it would be nice to start off everyone’s week with a random act of kindness. The idea is to encourage people to give their week the best possible start by doing and receiving good deeds every Monday. This is how it got started: ...
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I Can do ANYTHING! 4 Year Old Teaches Positive Thinking

I love my life

What can a 4 year old teach YOU about positive attitude, great self-image and motivation? You are about to find out! What a great example of the right way to talk to the mirror! How do you boost YOUR self-esteem, and acknowledge gratitude to show you appreciate Life? Let us know, and remember, if you like what you see here ...
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