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  1. Dear Admin,

    I’m very interested in ”Brain Wave entrainment” technology.I can hardly concentrate to my studies.So I tried many meditations but non of them work for me.Last week when I browsing for torrent I found torrent about brain wave entrainment, and I download it. then I tried first track it is amazing.The first time I listen to that track I feel I’m every day I regularly listen to that audio tracks.Now I feel some improvement in my memory too, I still studying for my A/L.I’m from Sri Lanka. A/L is very competitive exam in our country.I feel this technology will give me chance to success in my A/Ls cos it help me lot to concentrate on to my studies.

    If u can send me more tracks It’ll very grateful.Your web site is also very interesting I hope to use this web site furthermore.Keep it up….!

    Thanks you !

  2. Hello there. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Did you check your spam folder for our emails?

  3. I did not receive my 7 videos, please. They were not in my spam folder either. Thanks so much in advance for the gift.

    • Hello Ragena. Sorry about that. Our autoresponder services have been out of order. I will personally ensure that you receive the correct information to download the binaural beats audios. Sorry for any inconvenience ~ Maya

  4. Frank Rogganbuck

    Hi, first time on, looks good so far. Frank Rogganbuck

  5. Hi, I have not received any email after registration; the spam folder was empty, too.
    Thanks, Dmitri

  6. Signed up and never received download info. Love your site! Thanks!

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