This Amazing Natural & Delicious Cure Eliminates Gout & Arthritis

Recently a number of my family relatives have been suffering with Gout. It is an excruciatingly painful condition and a horrible debilitating form of arthritis.

It tends to run down the male line in families so if you have a family member who suffers with this inflammatory arthritic condition you may want to pay special attention to this natural (and delicious) Gout cure.

Recently I came across a brilliant article  by Mike Adams, aka the Health Ranger about the healing benefits of cherries. It was so informative that I was inspired to do more research.

This is what I found.

Cherries are excellent sources of anthocyanins*, which have the greatest antioxidant capacity of any of the flavonoid* chemicals. Research has shown cherries to be the one of the most powerful natural medicines that nature invented.

This small plump red fruit is one of nature’s true health promoting gifts when it comes to eliminating gout and reducing the pain and inflammation of arthritis. In fact cherries prove to be so effective in managing and eliminating Gout that many people who eat and supplement their diet with cherry extracts don’t need arthritis drugs anymore.

Bold claims you may think, yet according to Adams report:


Cherries are such powerful medicine for gout and arthritis, in fact, the FDA went out of its way to try to muzzle cherry growers, preventing them from linking to scientific studies on cherries as a way to censor the information…. FACT: Cherries are extremely safe, effective and fast-acting for eliminating swelling and pain. Eating just a few cherries a day keeps uric acid levels in check, preventing any recurrence of gout.

It is as sweet and simple as that!

The health and healing power of cherries does not stop at Gout and Arthritis.  A growing number of small studies indicate that this fruit is helpful in repairing  muscle injury, reducing diabetic complications,  protecting the brain from ageing, and slowing or stopping progression of certain types of cancer.

What’s a good source for cherries?

In addition to buying local organic cherries at natural grocers near you, you can also get cherry concentrates and cherry extracts from a variety of companies. As it turns out, even cooked cherry juice does the trick just as well as raw cherries – but avoid carbonated high fructose cherry drinks.

Read the full Health Ranger article and you’ll see an amazing number of facts, quotes and testimonial about the healing power of cherries, gout and arthritis


What do you think?

Do you live with an inflammatory or arthritic condition? Have you tried natural or alternative medicine to help you? We would love to hear your tips and stories about a natural plant or food cure.  Please join the conversation.

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* Anthocyanins: Anthocyanins are powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants and give plants their red and purple colour. Plants rich in anthocyanins include cherries blueberry, cranberry, and bilberry; Rubus berries, including black raspberry, red raspberry, and blackberry; blackcurrant, eggplant peel, black rice, Concord grape, muscadine grape, red cabbage.

* Flavonoids: Flavonoids are plant-based compounds with powerful antioxidant properties found in many fruits and vegetables like blueberries and grapes. They serve a variety of functions such as protecting blood vessel walls in people who have heart disease or diabetes, alleviating allergies, protecting brain health against dementia and even preventing some cancers.


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